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Lachhmi Devi

Location : Nalanda, Bihar
Activity : Grocery Shop
Lachhmi Devi and Vijay Shaw,hailing from Nursarai village,are a family of 7 with 3 sons and 2 daughters….

To sustain the family, Lachhmi sold spices in a makeshift shop on the pavement. Whatever was the earning was mostly spent to meet up the family expenditure.Five years back, with CDOT’s MFI programme, She took a loan followed by 4 other loans to expand her business.

The shop in front if which she used to sell her products, has been taken be her on rent.
Slowly, but steadily, they worked hard – Vijay running the shop, and Lachhmi still running the stall in the pavement. They are the wholesalers of grocery goods in the area and have a daily profit of Rs.900. Lachhmi and Vijay have saved heir money to purchase a plot of land where they are constructing their own house. They are also educating all their children, and have to save money for the marriage of their 2 daughters. Down a few years from now, they have plans to own this shop and have one of their own.