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Livelihood Programs

Bihar is one of the state in India where 89% of population resides in villages. It is obvious that agriculture is one of the major source of employment and livelihood of majority of the population. CDOT major focus area is to provide support to small and marginal farmers and enhance the productivity of the crop. It will increase the food security of poor farmers. CDOT work in three main areas of agriculture.

  • ⇒ Enhancing the productivity of the crop through modern farming practices.
  • ⇒ Recycling the manures to the field
  • ⇒ Reducing the dependency on cow dungs and promoting bio-gas.
  • ⇒ Reducing the use of chemical fertilizers
  • ⇒ Working on value chain of crops
  • ⇒ Organizing Farmers into Kissan Club and formation of
  • ⇒ Producer’s company
  • ⇒ Creating sustainable livelihood though agriculture

Our work so far:-

  • ⇒ 18 Kisan Clubs have been formed. Involving 300 farmers
  • ⇒ 300 bigha is utilized bio fertilizer.
  • ⇒ 45 vermi-beds have been implanted.
  • ⇒ 400 farmers received training on SRI methodology.
  • ⇒ 45 farmers received training on SWI methodology.
  • ⇒ 300 farmers received subsidy on SRI cultivation in the form of seeds, pesticides and fertilizers.
  • ⇒ All the 30 farmers received wheat seeds for SWI cultivation.
  • ⇒ 6000 plants have been planted in Noorsarai, Chandi and Nagarnausa blocks of Nalanda district.
  • ⇒ 3 Female farmers club formed
  • ⇒ 50 SHG formed for promotion of vegetable crops in Pupri, Sitamarhi.
  • ⇒ Plantation of Banboo in Sitamarhi