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Water and Sanitation

The need of the hour is for Improved water and sanitation facilities. In BIHAR abundance of water is one of the problems as water table is quite high and most of the people in villages use contaminated water. Water borne diseases are one of the most common disease in rural Bihar.

CDOT started its first RO water unit at Noorsarai at village Jolahpura to provide safe drinking water at very affordable price. Initially we asked the villagers to come to the centre and collect water at 50 paisa per litre but they preferred to get the supply at their doorstep. So we started supplying water to the doorstep and now it is becoming very popular as people are buying water. The disease percentage in those house holds has reduced significantly.

Still in Villages disease related to water borne constitute the maximum number of illness. CDOT started its water plant in NOORSARAI of NALANDA district in the year 2013. We set up the water plant with the purpose to provide safe drinking water to thousands of families at affordable rate.

We have 150-200 customers who are a permanent consumer of R.O water with added minerals and chilled during hot summer days with a very subsidized rate, CDOT supplies free R.O water in 8-10 primary schools surrounding the water plant, at lesser price to the widows and old age customers.